International Journal of Engineering Technology and Scientific Innovation
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Emir Husni

The data center into one of the critical components in a business environment that exists today. As the core of business services, the data center is expected to provide the best service possible, even in a disaster situation, so that the company business survive and profit will continue to flow. Support for data center reliability of new technologies has brought cloud computing. Cloud computing technology is a combination of the two technology, they are grid computing and virtualization. This cloud computing technology is expected to reduce the weaknesses caused by the conventional data center system. The study discusses the development of a data center based on cloud computing technology. First, build private cloud infrastructure using open stack software. Then, develop a web application to upload and download files by registered user. And finally, develop a desktop application for synchronizing files process from the cloud server to the user's PC/Laptop. The web application is placed on a web server above the cloud infrastructure layer. Research on the amount of main memory is also carried out to determine how much memory is good enough to run the web application. This study provides a solution for data management systems using the data center systems based on cloud computing technology. The aims of this study, the user will more convenience to upload or download data

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