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Claudiu-Ionel NICOLA, Marcel NICOLA, Ion PATRU, Viorica VOICU, Sebastian POPESCU

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Claudiu-Ionel NICOLA, Marcel NICOLA, Ion PATRU, Viorica VOICU, Sebastian POPESCU
National Institute for Research, Development and Testing in Electrical Engineering - ICMET Craiova, Romania

NICOLA, Claudiu-Ionel, et al. "REACTOR SIZING CALCULATION USING VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION." IJETSI, vol. 3, no. 3, Aug. 2018, pp. 140-159, Accessed Aug. 2018.
NICOLA, Claudiu-Ionel, Marcel NICOLA, Ion PATRU, Viorica VOICU, and Sebastian POPESCU. "REACTOR SIZING CALCULATION USING VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION." IJETSI 3, no. 3 (August 2018), 140-159. Accessed August, 2018.

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Computer science is the interdisciplinary science focused on developing methods based on computational techniques for solving complicated problems in the research and computing fields. Computer science is now an independent science, with its own methods and objects of research, which are based on mathematical regularities. Computer tools allow the problems to be solved both by analytical methods and simulation methods. Regardless of the method used, the solving of any problem includes several steps such as problem analysis, elaboration of the mathematical model of the problem and elaboration of the algorithm which enables the development of the application software. The paper presents a software application based on the LabVIEW programming environment which implements the mathematical model on calculating the size of reactors, realize the automatic report with the results, and send an email at predefined addresses.