International Journal of Engineering Technology and Scientific Innovation
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A.K. Kurmankozhayev

New special statistical distribution is based on the theoretical concept of revealing and account of the high informative geo-indicative characteristics and invariant structures of geo-features distribution involving special hyperbolic cosine function. Sustainable invariant structure of the probability frequency development of geo-features set by result of symmetric distributions of various types of geo-features(N = 424,000) in various fields of ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals (N = 208). The density function distribution reflects the shape of unimodal symmetric bell-shaped curve, allowing different values of excess greater than zero with a minimum of asymmetry. According to the results of a comparative evaluation of more than 700 symmetric types of empirical distributions of 124 different geo-features with asymmetry and excess greater than zero is set high convergence of the new distribution almost 1.4-2.0 times more accurate than normal and other close theoretical distributions; confirmed that approximation power distribution is provided by the parameterization of the distribution function with the assistance of the modal characteristics and amplitude variability of geo-features, which are more informative and geo-indicative statistical index of geo-features prevalence.

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